Who We Are
Founded in 1992, Coyote Designs is a company of highly skilled programmers providing custom solutions for business needs. We have earned a reputation for building user friendly applications. Our services include warehouse to office integration, custom user interfaces, report design and data analysis. Recently, Coyote Designs has added Web Design and integration. These services are directly aimed at companies using E-Commerce to deliver products over the web. Coyote Designs can create, not only the store front, but deliver a robust application for integrating web orders to your fulfillment center.
What We've Done
Our major projects include custom applications for premier companies in a variety of industries.

SEMATECH is the leader in the semiconductor industry for research and development of semiconductor processes. It consists of a consortium of every major American semiconductor manufacturing corporation in partnership with America's top universities.  Coyote Designs implemented a system by which electrical test data is gathered from several testers, analyzed and loaded into a relational database. Coyote Designs then created a custom application to aid SEMATECH engineers in analyzing the results. The data loader was written for an HP-UX system using C++ and X-Windows. Analytical software was written for WinNT using Delphi.

Calendar Club
Calendar Club is the world's largest distributor of Calendars. It also operates calendar stores around the world. Coyote Designs designed and implemented a suite of applications used to manage products and store inventories. The technology used and applications built on that technology has garnered several awards within the retail industry.

Coyote Designs has also created interactive web applications for Calendar Club partners. Vendors can view calendar club purchase information and status. Mall developers can view sales information to monitor trends in regions. Store managers can order additional product online and track shipments to their stores. External partners manage projects interactively online.    

Calendars.com is an E-commerce solution for selling calendars online. This project is currently under development. Coyote Designs is responsible for merging the online company orders with Calendar Club's distribution operation. We also will write customer service applications to track shipments and update customer order status real-time.   

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How We Do It
We use C++ and Delphi for custom application development. We use ASP and COM objects for web development.